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The Unexpected Costs of Caring for Elderly Parents In Your Home

Multi-generational households are becoming the new (or maybe it’s old) in vogue way to handle the care of aging parents. While a positive thing, you must consider the implications and set your family up for success. With Mom or Dad moving in, you can anticipate some extra expenses, not just financially, but  emotionally. But it’s […]

Legal Issues Involving Grandparents Caring for Their Grandchildren

Raising a grandchild (or even spending a lot of time with your grandchild while his or her parents work) can be fraught with legal and financial complications. Lacking many of the inherent rights parents have, grandparents who are responsible for the care of their grandchildren may encounter unexpected legal challenges. If you are your grandchild’s […]

When Duty Calls: Navigating the Sandwich Generation with Ease

The average age of parents raising children in the US continues to rise, leaving many middle-aged Americans in a category commonly referred to as the “sandwich” generation. This growing population of professionals are often still raising kids at home when they become responsible for the care of their own aging parents. The stress and financial […]

Five Valuable Traits a Child Can Learn from Working Parent

Those of us who work sometimes feel that we are doing our children a disservice. Sure, we bring home a paycheck that benefits our children, but we may miss their activities and other aspects of their daily lives.  This can be especially true in two-earner families. But in addition to greater financial security, our jobs […]

Town Demolishes House While Owner Is in Hospital

 Imagine this: your elderly uncle with no family near his home travels South to Florida for surgery and has to stay there unexpectedly for a number of months. While he is away, his home is demolished by the city, including all of his possessions.  This just happened to a 69 year-old veteran and home owner […]