Why you need to choose guardians for your kids (grandkids)!!

What you don’t know won’t hurt you!  Not true!  What you don’t know can hurt you… and badly.

So, when I overheard Kim, a co-worker, who had just had her second child, say to her husband, Mark, “I’m not stepping on a plane with you until we see a lawyer to name guardians for our kids.” I took notice.

This was a new idea to me–choosing guardians for you kids.  Why was this so important? 

As I listened to Kim, I saw the passion of a mother.  She was going to see that her children were raised by the right people–healthy people who shared their values.

The intensity of Kim’s stance really captured my attention.  Parents of minors need to name guardians for their kids and put it in writing.  So, when my wife and I had our first child, we met with a lawyer and named guardians.

Although this is a very important task, almost 70% of parents have not name guardians for their children!


Number one: Most parents were like me before hearing Kim, unaware of the need to choose guardians. 

And number two: You are faced with the obstacle of “How do you choose one sibling or family member without insulting the others?”

If you have not named guardians or if you need my advice in choosing guardians (I use a rational four-step process.), please call me and schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session.

In closing, what you don’t know can hurt you.  Even worse, it can hurt your kids.

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