Tom Culpepper

My estate planning practice is focused on helping you care for those you love and managing what you own– while you’re living and after you’re gone.  Estate planning captured my affection during a law lecture about naming guardians for your kids in your Will.  I thought of my three minor children and the need of all parents to choose guardians who would raise their children with their love, values, faith and aspirations.  As a result, my practice reflects a relational focus to estate planning that preserves the memory of your affections for your loved one as well as preserving your effects and assets.  Tangibly, this is seen in Kid’s Protection Planning™ for clients with minor children, which involves Family Wealth Interviews to preserve a lasting memory of your wisdom, faith, traditions, and affections to pass on as a legacy to those you love.


I graduated from The University of Dayton School of Law.  I began as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, where I spent five years prosecuting juvenile crimes, obtaining child support for minors, or protecting children from abusive and neglectful parents.  This additional experience moved me to found Culpepper Law to meet the needs of growing families.  

When not practicing law, I spend time with my most valuable assets—my wife Wendi, and my three children– Abigail, Grace, and Joshua.   I also volunteer as a domestic helper performing tasks from helping teenagers learn to drive to washing dishes and cleaning house to ensuring small boys make their beds and pick up their dirty clothes.